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Ads that convert
Ads that convert

Ads that convert

Ad fatigue is rough! Brand Ambassadors are a great source of fresh content. Brand ambassadors are incentivized to create authentic content that can be used on your social media and ads. They know their audience best and are experts at making compelling content that drives viewers to action.

How it works


Complete a 5-minute brief

Help us learn how you define your brand voice and audience. Based on your brief we create the registration page and email flow.


Creator Hunting & Product Shipping

We find the most suitable creators to your brand, We get them excited about your brand. Then you ship them their free products.


Video Reviews Are Being Uploaded

Your ambassadors receive guidance from us on how to upload the videos. When ready they send them for you to use across your digital assets.

Videos Made Using Bambassadors

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Play Video
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Why Bambassadors?

No Money Exchange

The brand ambassadors who sign up to your program essentially love your products since they are willing to review your product at no cost.

Custom Registration Funnel

For each brand, we create a branded registration page and a fully automated email funnel. You can make any changes you want.

Tailored Creator Matching

We match relevant content creators, invite, verify and follow up with them throughout the entire process until a video is published.

Content Is Yours

All videos created through us are yours to embed, share, edit, upload and publish anywhere across your website, social media and ads.

Dynamic Coupon Tracking

You can create a special coupon code for each ambassador and simplify conversion tracking.

SEO Boost

Creators backlink to your website and mention your brand name and products in their review which improves your search engine appearance.

Bambassadors for Brands

As brand owners ourselves, we love empowering other brands. We work hand in hand with brand owners of any shape or size who are looking to scale their business through brand ambassadors. We're also happy to just share from our experience and knowledge. Feel free to reach out.

Bambassadors for Agencies

We partner up with agencies to build and manage brand ambassador programs for their clients. Agencies can resell Bambassadors, or offer it as a white label extension of their agency. We're very flexible and open-minded - talk to us.


Setup is included in the prices below.
Post-setup packages are being offered at discounted rates.
All packages are 100% refundable - If we don't hit our goal you get your money back.

Starter Plan
Starter Plan
  • At least 10 ambassadors
  • Branded Registration Page
  • Customized email funnel
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Blast Plan
Blast Plan
  • At least 30 ambassadors
  • Branded Registration Page
  • Customized email funnel
  • Content Alerts
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Custom Plan
Custom Plan
Let's talk!
  • Hundreds of ambassadors
  • Branded Registration Page
  • Customized email funnel
  • Alerts + Order processing
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After launching several successful Ecommerce brands together, Dan and Oded were set out to enable other brands with better means to build a great business by utilizing what the two have learned across a variety of disciplines. Bambassadors is one of those ventures, and it is aimed to get brand owners and the people who rally for them together to connect, deepen the relationship and nourish each other.

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Oded Farkash

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Only if you want to! The process is fully automated - we invite creators, we verify that they agree and understand the T&C of content repurposing and send them all the information they need to know prior to making a video. You only need to send them the product, however, we do encourage brands and ambassadors to connect and exchange correspondence to build a community.

Normally, once we have a complete brand brief, it would take us about 1 week to create the program and hunt your ambassadors. Then we’ll be waiting for your ambassadors to receive the products, and from there it usually takes roughly 2-4 weeks to have the video reviews uploaded. Expect that last part to be shorter for digital products.

You have a direct communication channel with your brand ambassadors who registered to your program, feel free to get in touch with them and ask for any changes you want. You can also ask them if they’d like to review more products for you.

Yes, of course. We only want what is right for your brand. And nobody knows your brand better than yourself. If someone who signs up to your program doesn't make the cut we'll find you more ambassadors that fit your program better at no additional cost.

No. You can choose any plan you want at any given time. You can also switch between plans based on your evolving needs.

Sure you can. We'll create the initial registration page and email flow and you can review it and change anything you desire.

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Beyond the benefits of brand-building, online video reviews are powerful performance drivers.

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