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What do you believe more - a paid demo ad, a high-profile internet persona, or the average joe? If you're like 90% of the people your answer was the last option. Unknown individuals are being perceived as more trustworthy in the eyes of shoppers.

Our experience taught us that user-generated content can be extremely persuasive. Here are some of the benefits our Brand Ambassadors Program service has to offer you:

  • Get a steady stream of content for your social media accounts and ads - you'll be getting all the original files to use freely across your social media accounts and ads.
  • Build your brand trust - people are searching for your brand online before making a purchase, help them trust you more to make their purchase decision even easier.
  • Improve your SEO - Youtubers can backlink to your website and mention your brand name and products in their review.
  • Boost sales - a product review made by a brand ambassador is much more authentic and convincing than one made by a paid online persona. When your brand ambassadors share their reviews of your products and coupon code with their audience, it is more likely to generate sales.

How It Works

We create brand ambassador programs for brands in all shapes and sizes. We will set up a dedicated online destination and communicate with prospective ambassadors for your brand that are tailored to your preferences and get them enrolled in your newly set program and start promoting your brand to their audiences.

Once enrolled, you'll ship them free products of your choice. Your brand ambassadors will create conversion-driving content that is perfect for use in posts and paid ads across all your social media channels - Youtube, Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook and more. We do that very efficiently, cost-effectively, and with minimal effort from your end.

Our Limited Time Offer

  • We'll create a fully branded online destination to attract your ambassadors
  • We'll gather hundreds of potential ambassadors that match your criteria
  • We'll design an email flow to convince them to sign up for your program to video review your products for free items
  • After you send them free products we'll follow up with them to make sure they send the original video content for you to use anywhere

All this greatness including 10 Ambassador sign-ups guaranteed (!!!) is currently being offered for a limited time only at $500 USD.

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