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Direct Response, Social Proof & Brand Trust:<br>PetCanva Case Study

Direct Response, Social Proof & Brand Trust:
PetCanva Case Study

Brand Overview
PetCanva brings pet images to life in unique and memorable ways. PetCanva turns those pet images into lasting art, clothing, accessories, blankets, coffee mugs and more.

Our Approach
We set out on a mission to find pet-loving creators who'll be willing to share their experiences with PetCanva products in exchange for receiving free products, without any additional fees.

Among the creators that we recruited for PetCanva, you may find -
@prettypittieindie with over 250K followers, her inspiring video got more than 1400+ likes and 60+ comments.
Another great achievement is @goldendoodle_kingston, with over 15K followers, who created a TikTok-fit video that PetCanva can use across their website, social media and ads.

Our efforts boosted PetCanva's social media buzz, improved brand awareness and trust, and yielded amazing video content that can be repurposed for all PetCanva's marketing needs. All of which was done under a tight schedule and budget.

Ads that Convert:
Sensibo Case Study

Brand Overview
Sensibo offers smart home devices like air purifiers, smart AC adapters and more.

Our Approach
We partnered with Sensibo in order to find content creators on TikTok and YouTube who focus on tech reviews, healthy lifestyle, smart home gadgets and alike. After completing their brand ambassador program set up and were on the hunt for gadget-loving creators who match the persona Sensibo was looking for. We were able to recruit content creators that produced authentic videos that we later edited into Facebook Ads-ready videos, the results were stunning –

Facebook Ads ROAS Increase

Our reviews mashup video outperformed all their other ads with a 50% increase in ROAS while tested in the same ad set with other well-performing creative.

How it works

Easy Setup

Easy Setup

Help us learn how you define your brand voice and audience. Complete a 5-minute brief and we're good to go.

Creator Hunt

Creator Hunt

We find the most suitable creators to your brand. We get them excited about your brand and shoot videos reviewing your products.

It's Video Time

It's Video Time

Creators upload their reviews to their social profiles and send them over to you to use freely on your website, social media and ads.

Recent TikToks Created Using Bambassadors


Thank you @Pet Canva 🥺 This is so special to me. We miss our Wednesday so much. ❤️ #indieandwednesday You can use our code INDIE20 to save

♬ _Cute - Gabe Lost

Reply to @gobshlte okay fine…visual perfume tattoos (fast version) from @Amkiriofficial (all details on video before this)

♬ original sound - Upsnaa Creations

YouTube Videos Created Using Bambassadors

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Why Bambassadors?

100% Real Creators

All creators are genuine, have been vetted by our team, and have proven they create videos that engage users on social platforms.

Tailored Creator Matching

We match relevant creators, invite, interview and communicate with them throughout the entire process until videos are produced.


We plan and deploy a complete ambassador and creator strategy including all the moving parts.

Content Ownership

All videos created through us are yours to embed, share, edit, upload and publish anywhere across your website, social media and ads.

Rewards Management

We make it easier for you to reward your brand ambassadors for their hard work.

Coupon Codes

Track direct sales using unique coupon codes and create a win-win-win for the creators, their audiences and your brand.

Bambassadors for Brands

As brand owners ourselves, we love empowering other brands. We work hand in hand with brand owners of any shape or size who are looking to scale their business through brand ambassadors. We're also happy to just share from our experience and knowledge. Feel free to reach out.

Bambassadors for Agencies

We partner up with agencies to build and manage brand ambassador programs for their clients. Agencies can resell Bambassadors, or offer it as a white label extension of their agency. We're very flexible and open-minded - talk to us.

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We offer full creative ownership, money-back guarantee and you may cancel anytime.
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Free Trial
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  • Ambassador rewards
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After launching several successful Ecommerce brands together, Dan and Oded were set out to enable other brands with better means to build a great business by utilizing what the two have learned across a variety of disciplines. Bambassadors is one of those ventures, and it is aimed to get brand owners and the people who rally for them together to connect, deepen the relationship and nourish each other.

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Absolutely not! Bambassadors is the most efficient way to work with TikTokers and other creators that truly understand consumers and how to talk to them. We work with creators to produce unboxing and review videos for constant stream of content for your website, social media and ads. We don't offer you the same content creators from a limited pool but we go and hunt creators who match your brand.

In this day and age consumers are expecting brands to be as authentic as possible. Paid social media (i.e. influencer marketing) has become extremely saturated, abused, and particularly ingenuine to many consumers. Text reviews like the ones you see on many websites and marketplaces are being manipulated and are not as trustworthy in the eyes of consumers today. This is why authentic video reviews made by real creators that are not getting paid is a great way to show your customers they can trust you.

We invite creators that fit your brand the most and try to create a win-win for everybody. For products with retail price higher than $100 in most cases sending a free product is enough to get plenty of creators engage with your brand, however with products that sell at a lower price point we sometime offer an additional reward, such as gift cards for example.

A complete video review made by a real TikTok creator that will be posted on a real profile. In addition, the source file will be sent to you and you can use it freely however and wherever you want - on your website, social media and paid ads.

Only if you want to! The process is fully automated - we invite creators, we verify that they agree and understand the T&C of content repurposing and send them all the information they need to know prior to making a video. You only need to send them the product, however, we do encourage brands and ambassadors to connect and exchange correspondence to build a community.

Normally, once we have a complete brand brief, it would take us about 1 week to create the program and hunt your ambassadors. Then we’ll be waiting for your ambassadors to receive the products, and from there it usually takes roughly 2-4 weeks to have the video reviews uploaded. Expect that last part to be shorter for digital products.

You have a direct communication channel with your brand ambassadors who registered to your program, feel free to get in touch with them and ask for any changes you want. You can also ask them if they’d like to review more products for you.

Yes, of course. We only want what is right for your brand. And nobody knows your brand better than yourself. If someone who signs up to your program doesn't make the cut we'll find you more ambassadors that fit your program better at no additional cost.

Yes. We offer a recurring service so your brand get an impact on TikTok and other social media channels.

Yes you can. You can switch between plans based on your evolving needs.

Sure you can. We'll create the initial registration page and email flow and you can review it and change anything you desire.

Bambassadors is the most cost-effective way, both in time and money, to attract content creators to become your brand ambassadors. Get creators to review your products and create amazing video content for you to use across your website, social media, and paid ads.

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