Why Bambassadors makes a great Billo.app alternative

While Billo is great for smaller-scale dropshippers, if you play the long haul game and want consumers to really trust your brand it'd be wiser to get your UGC created with Bambassadors. Reasons why below.

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Why Bambassadors makes a great Billo.app alternative

Aren't Bambassadors and Billo.app the same UGC service? Not at all!

While Billo.app may replace UGC gigs from Fiverr, with Bambassadors you get REAL TikTok and YouTube creators to try out and endorse your brand and products. Bambassadors will serve your brand better than Billo with our brand equity benefits, creator authenticty and more.

Sensibo Pure TikTok video 9.4m Views and counting

Product Seeding Can Catch Fire

No way I send free products and I get a video that hits millions of views and hundreds of thousands of likes, comments and shares. Yes way! Just ask Sensibo how their Sensibo Pure product seeding campaign landed this incredibly creative TikTok video made by @enriquethemagician

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UGC Made By Pros

Using or considering using Billo for UGC? Why not get professional creators from the TikTok Creator Marketplace vetted by our team based on their viewership and engagement metrics so you know you get quality content for roughly the same price.

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Bambassadors is helping brands and consumers communicate more authentically. Brands – get creators to review your digital or physical products and create amazing video content for you to use freely across your website, social media, and paid ads.

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