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Sensibo: Increased ROAS by 50%

Brand Overview
Sensibo offers smart home devices like air purifiers, smart AC adapters and more.

Our Approach
We partnered with Sensibo to find content creators on TikTok and YouTube who focus on tech reviews, healthy lifestyle, and smart home gadgets. We recruited content creators that produced authentic videos and edited them together into the ultimate UGC mashup.


Facebook Ads ROAS Increase

Bambassadors content outperformed with a 50% increase in ROAS over Sensibo’s established well-performing creative.

PetCanva: Authentic Social Proof

PetCanva: Authentic Social Proof

Brand Overview
PetCanva brings pet images to life with lasting art, clothing, accessories, blankets, coffee mugs and more.

Our Approach
We found pet-loving creators to share their experiences with PetCanva products.

@prettypittieindie's video, with over 250K followers, got more than 1400+ likes and 60+ comments.
@goldendoodle_kingston, with over 15K followers, created a TikTok-fit video that PetCanva uses across their website, social media and ads.

PetCanva boosted their social media buzz, improved brand awareness and trust, and got amazing video content. All under a tight schedule and budget.

How we work

Easy Setup

Easy Setup

Show us how you define your brand voice and audience.

Creator Hunt

Creator Hunt

We find relevant, proven creators who are excited about your brand.

It's Video Time

It's Video Time

Authentic UGC that's ready for ads and campaigns.

Why Bambassadors?

100% Real Creators

All creators are genuine, have been vetted by our team, and have proven their ability to create engaging video.

Tailored Creator Matching

We discover, recruit, and vet relevant creators and work with them to produce authentic creative that sells.


Your team doesn't have to spend time recruiting, managing, or paying creators.

Content Ownership

All videos are yours to embed, share, edit, upload and publish across your website, social media and ads.

Bambassadors for Brands

Bambassadors is built by brand owners.
We empower your brand to scale through UGC.

Bambassadors for Agencies

We partner up with agencies to deploy UGC strategies for trusted clients.

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Just the videos
Just the videos
$545 / video
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    • Lifetime creative rights
    • Vetted creators
    • 100% original content
    • 15-day delivery
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Expert Production
Expert Production
$625 / video
    • Better performance
    • Proven TikTok creators
    • Lifetime creative rights
    • 15-day delivery
Get High Performance
Authentic Post
Authentic Post
$1025 / video
    • Posted on profile
    • Expert production
    • Min. 50k followers
    •  AUTHENTIC social proof
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Nope! We don't keep reusing the same creators from a limited pool -- we actively go out and search for creators that match your brand's voice.

Consumers want brands that are as authentic as possible. Marketing where brands pay for access to an influencer's audience has become saturated, abused, and disingenuous. Authentic video content from real creators is a great way to build trust with your customers.

You set your own involvement level. If you want creative control, you can get involved with the process. But if you want to take everything off your team's plate, we can handle everything from A-Z.

You'll receive finished UGC assets about 10 days after you've completed the brand brief and payment.

You get 1 revision per video. In our experience, that is sufficient to refine the results and get kick-a** UGC assets.

Yes, of course.

Brands need fresh creative on a monthly and weekly basis to keep testing new ideas and avoid ad fatigue. We work with brands to deliver a set amount of UGC assets each month.

Bambassadors is helping brands and consumers communicate more authentically. Brands – get creators to review your digital or physical products and create amazing video content for you to use freely across your website, social media, and paid ads.

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