Do you offer long-term partnerships?

We aim to work with all of our creators as many times as possible! If the first campaign goes well, we’ll definitely be in touch with more opportunities.

What is Spark Ads Permission?

Spark Ads Permission means that you post the video on your profile and give the brand permission to promote your video as a paid ad on TikTok. This will get your video (and your profile!) massive exposure, views, and will help you to grow your profile organically.

How do I edit my information that you have on file, such as my phone number?

Simply send us an email at with the information that you would like to update, and a member of our team will do so accordingly!

What should the duration of each video be?

It is recommended to create 15-30 second videos. However, if there’s a request for a more specific duration, it will be included in the campaign brief.

Do I have to post the videos on my own profile?

More often than not our clients only require the video files! No posting on your profile. However, sometimes we have special campaigns that do require posting. All of this will be outlined when you are invited to a campaign.

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